Unstuck and Unstoppable

Is this you?
Are you feeling like you are spinning your wheels and not moving forward in life?

Are you finally ready to start over and LIVE now but don’t know where to start?

Do you struggle with moving on after a failed relationship?

Have been in a cycle of bad and unhealthy relationships?

Do you know that you’re in an unhealthy relationship now but can’t seem to pull away?

Do you keep going back when you KNOW you shouldn’t?

Then you need to be on this call as I share with you some important strategies to finally accept where you are and be able to make some decisions to get to where you really want to be.

Hi! I’m Cheryl Holland, founder of A’Sista Project – a movement for women who want more…status not quo! I empower women to get out of their own way so they can create the life and business success they desire because I know that no matter what the circumstance or history, the only one stopping you is you.

Other than you, no one has the power to control your life now or your future, unless you give it to them. I’ve been where you are and will share with you my experiences and how you can change your life too and get back to happy! Sign up to get on these calls so I can help a’sista out!

Here’s what we’re going to cover on this 2 part teleseminar series:

  • Clues that say you’re stuck, even if you think you’re not.
  • How to get past the hurt and betrayal of a failed relationship.
  • The biggest mistakes women make in relationships that get them and keep them stuck and how to avoid them.
  • Life benefits you’re missing out on by being stuck.
  • How to turn the devastation into the best thing that ever happened to you.
  • What an unstoppable life looks like and how you can make it happen for you.