Tired of Always Learning and Never Earning?

alwayslearningHave you spent the last year in your business downloading eBooks, webinars and free training trying to find the missing puzzle piece that’s keeping you from getting clients and making the money you want in your business?

You have a passion to empower women, but have you truly empowered yourself?

Let’s see…

• You started a lot of projects, but didn’t finish
• You created a product or launch a course to sell, but not many people were interested
• You’re constantly checking out what other coaches and consultants are doing and copying, but it’s not working for you… even when you copy word for word
• You’re spending too much time in survival mode and a feast to famine cycle
• You’re not sure when you’re next client is coming because they trickle in by referrals
• You’re using “hope” marketing by hoping some paying clients will finally notice you

And here’s the thing.

You’ve convinced yourself that because you’re smart and really good at figuring things out on your own, that you don’t need to reach out for help.

I know. I did the same thing for years. Because I AM SMART! LOL.

But eventually, I knew that I had to make a decision to either keep spinning and floundering not making any money, or invest in my business and start making a real impact with the women I’m called to serve, and start making real money so I could create the freedom lifestyle I want.

The bottom line…that DIY (do-it-yourself) thought process will keep you stuck and broke!!!

Sure you’ve figured out most of the pieces to the puzzle, but you don’t know what order to implement them to get the results you want.

And if you did, you would’ve done that already.

Have you considered the true cost of figuring it out on your own, versus how much money you’ve left on the table by figuring it out on your own?

For example: You want to increase your business income by $10,000 per month. That’s $120,000 a year that you’ve left on the table in 2015 because you didn’t implement the right strategies.

Do you really believe that you’re going to be a successful coach or consultant and not invest in one for your own business? How can you even sell something that you don’t believe in yourself?

It just doesn’t work that way.

You will have to invest in your business to get the results you want. PERIOD. Or you can spend another year or two spinning your wheels and leaving money on the table.

The choice is truly yours to make.

But I want you to imagine 2016 differently…

Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly how to create a message that attracts clients to you, so you’re not just waiting around hoping for a client to find you?

How would it feel to have an offer that your ideal clients find irresistible because it’s exactly what they’ve been looking for?

Would you like to be able to attract clients on demand so you don’t go from feast to famine every other month?

It’s time to step off of the DIY, always learning and never earning bandwagon for 2016.

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We’ll spend time on this call getting diamond-clear about your vision, ideas and goals for your business, breakthrough the challenges that are keeping you stuck and figure out the next steps to meet your business income goals in 2016.

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