The Secret Sauce to Getting Clients Online with Ease

You’ve tried and done EVERYTHING to grow your business online, after all you’re smart, educated, high-achieving and know how to get things done!

You have…

  • a great websitebusiness_ease
  • great professional photos
  • pretty eye-catching marketing graphics
  • a social media following
  • even tried FB ads

But what you don’t have is enough people getting your message and being inspired to take action. Sure they may like a post here and there, but that’s it.

Try getting them on a call? Nope. Try getting the to actually buy something? No way.

What’s the missing link to bring everything together and get your ideal client to take inspired action?

Your message…

Until you learn how to speak your ideal client’s language you will not stand out online, they won’t hear your message and they won’t take action.

You have to know exactly…

  • Who your ideal client is (not just your target market)
  • Exactly what problem you solve for her
  • How you solve it
  • Exactly what words to use and not use to get their attention
  • And then what to say to let them know that you’re the answer they’ve been searching for


You can market until the cows come home but it you’re not connecting with your audience, they will not take action. You have to learn how to speak your ideal client’s language.

And trust me…I get it.

When I left Corporate America to pursue entrepreneurship and tried to use the communication skills that I used and TAUGHT that worked in the corporate environment…it fell flat.

I had to unlearn all of that stuff and figure out language and communication that would make me sparkle and stand out online so that could attract clients.

That’s what I help you do.

I offer one and done training to teach you exactly how to use your message to sparkle and get a head turning response that has your ideal clients literally coming towards you, booking time on your calendar to talk with you and sometimes cause sales to happen on the spot. It’s my Sparkle, Stand & Get Booked VIP Day.

I teach you the same strategies that have worked to grow my business online…for example spending $13 on a FB ad and getting a $3,000 client who hired me without even visiting my website. Or how about my client who doesn’t have a website, professional photos OR a social media following of her ideal clients, yet landed 3 clients just with her message. And then there’s my client that went from getting no bites in her coaching business to having days completely booked on her calendar, with just learning how to make her message magnetic.

Interested in learning if your messaging is what’s keeping you from getting clients? Schedule your complimentary Master Your Message call today.

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