The 25 Habits of an Empowered Woman

empoweredwoman_blogHow can you identify an empowered woman? Do you know that successful women have certain characteristics and qualities that set them apart from other women. I’ve had the opportunity to come in contact with some highly empowered women and I’ve listed 25 things that I think were common among them.

  1. The empowered woman is never satisfied with the status quo. Mediocrity is like a four letter word.
  2. The empowered woman knows she has a purpose to fulfill. She thinks, plans and lives in according to her life purpose.
  3. The empowered woman asks for what she wants. She knows she is deserving of the best life has to offer.
  4. The empowered woman wants to be more, do more, and have more.
  5. The empowered woman takes care of herself first. She knows she can’t help others if she’s frumpy, frazzled, and frustrated.
  6. The empowered woman surround herself with other empowered women. She knows that iron sharpens iron.
  7. The empowered woman lives a life of clarity. She knows what she wants to accomplish so she keeps her eye on her goals daily.
  8. The empowered woman takes 100% responsibility for her life. No matter how difficult, she always has a choice, and every decision is hers to make.
  9. The empowered woman believes anything is possible! She achieves because she believes and takes fast action.
  10. The empowered woman doesn’t complain when things aren’t working in her life. She simply makes corrections to get back on track.
  11. The empowered woman commits to never ending self-improvement. Knowledge is the beginning of power!
  12. The empowered woman focuses on the positive and lets the negative die from a lack of attention.
  13. The empowered woman constantly challenges her limits. She asks “why?” and “why not?”.
  14. The empowered woman lives fully without regrets! Everything that happened worked for her good!
  15. The empowered woman “pays” herself first. When her financial house is in order, she has more to give to help others.
  16. The empowered woman never says I can’t. Instead she asks, How Can I?
  17. The empowered woman doesn’t play the blame game. It doesn’t matter what he, she, or they did, she still wins.
  18. The empowered woman knows how to say no. She prefers to focus on what’s really important.
  19. The empowered woman never ever gives up on her dreams because she knows all things are possible.
  20. The empowered woman has a strong relationship with her God, taking time for daily reflection and meditation.
  21. The empowered woman isn’t afraid of a challenge. She’ll go over, under, around and up and through until she achieves her goals.
  22. The empowered woman doesn’t help people who aren’t invested in helping themselves. You have to first know that you’re worth the investment.
  23. The empowered woman doesn’t take on others’ problems. She knows she can’t be a problem solver for everyone.
  24. The empowered woman will not let others take advantage of her kindness. She will not let her own kindness cause her stress.
  25. The empowered woman loves herself as she is. Yet she knows there’s always room for personal, healthful, and spiritual growth.

Did you find yourself somewhere on the list? The list may be long but here’s the thing that’s important: you have inside of you the power to be successful. Everyone does. The empowered woman has just figured out how to bring what’s on the inside to outside and therefore lives her life on her terms.

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