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Have Your Cake & Eat it Too Book

Have Your Cake & Eat it Too! If your dreams have been on delay, if you’ve been feeling stuck in your life then this book is for you. Reclaim your power and use it in ways you never thought possible -- this sassy, easy-to-use guide for all women will help…

The Entrepreneur Blueprint

Interested in learning how you can take some of the most painful experiences in your life and turn them around to work in your favor? Maybe you have dealt with some traumatic situations that left you feeling as if you would never be anything, that you would never recover OR…


W.O.M.B. Sister Chronicles

The W.O.M.B. Sister Chronicles is a #1 Amazon Best Seller book collaboration about Women Overcoming Men Blues (W.O.M.B.) written by women we call W.O.M.B. Warriors, who share their real, raw, and relevant stories of triumph over toxic relationships with men. The focus is to ignite the confident and empowered woman…

$24.99 $19.99

Mirror Talk – 3 Step System (Stop the Self Sabotage that’s Blocking Your Money)

Silence the Negative Narrative in Your Head that's Keeping You Stuck. Discover the 3 steps to turn off that broken record of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotage that's keeping you from writing that book, starting your business, pursuing your dreams and being happy.