How Much Longer Are You Going to Undervalue Yourself?

price_valueYou’re giving waaaaaaay more value than what you’re getting paid for.  Yes, you have a passion to empower women and you created a business to do just that.

But after the success in your professional career and the work you put in to express and get respected for your value in the workplace, are you really going to become an entrepreneur and reduce your value?

I mean, you poured your heart & soul into your business, created programs that will transform women’s lives. Don’t you deserve to get paid for the awesome value you provide?

Just think of the outcomes you get for your clients.

How much is that really worth?

The $97 or $197 price tag on your product? The $250 a session for coaching?

Is that how much transforming someone’s life, business, marriage, or health is worth these days?

I think we both know the answer to that.

Here’s the problem…

You’ve created and positioned your business for low end products and so you attract clients who are only willing to connect with you for the free things you offer or a very limited few will invest at a low cost.

But the women who really are looking for the transformation you provide, they bypass you because you’re not speaking their language and you haven’t positioned your program to attract them.

I get it.

When I first started my business, I did the same thing. I was giving away so much for free and feeling like the very thing I was purposed to do was actually draining me. But…I SHIFTED.

I learned and implemented strategies that helped me to package my knowledge and expertise into a high value program, and market like a boss to attract the very women who are looking for what I offer AND at the price point I desire.

There are some key things that MUST be in place and each step must be done correctly or (as I found out the hard way), it simply doesn’t work.

Here’s what you’re missing…

  1. Know your Profit Center – that one focus that is your money & impact making spot. You can’t be everything to every woman, as a matter of fact, you can’t even be a few things. Just ONE. One thing.
  2. Speak your Ideal Client’s Language – if you’re not talking directly to her, you’re not talking to her. It’s as simple as that. Know your client, and speak her language.
  3. Get your calendar booked with consultations – if you’re going to go high end, have a conversation with your ideal client because most won’t just buy from your website without talking to you.
  4. Raise your prices – your prices should reflect the value you offer. If you want to stop being treated like low ticket, then stop acting like low ticket and raise your prices. My clients typically create value that’s worth a minimum of $2,000 for their program.
  5. Have your business systems on autopilot – use a simplified system to get consistent leads of the very clients you want to attract so you aren’t hustling so hard.

Sometimes you just need help with the right strategies and the formulas that work to add to your faith.

Listen, getting help doesn’t mean you’re not smart. It means that YOU ARE SMART. Smart enough to know that the tuition you’re spending at Figure It Out University isn’t worth it.

Want help implementing these strategies?

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