How to Stop Missing Opportunities

blog_missedopportunityYou want success, you want the dream business, you want the dream life but you continue to allow for opportunities to pass you by and onto to someone else who is ready to receive it. You’re seeing others achieve the success and do the very things you dream about primarily because they are ready for it and you’re not. That’s the simple truth of the matter. You can’t say you’re ready for this or that, or this is your year, or whatever other feel good message you try to convince yourself of, if you have not positioned yourself to receive the opportunities when they come.

It’s time to stop answering the door of opportunity with your pajamas on. If you’re expecting success in your life, you have to make up in your mind that you are not going to be answering anymore doors of opportunity with your pajamas on (figuratively and literally), curlers in your hair, nightgown on, satin cap on, or a scarf tied around your head talking about I’m ready! It’s not gonna happen! If you want more you’re going to have to do more and that starts with answering the door ready, dressed and prepared for success. And in order to do that you’ll need to stop making these mistakes:

  1. Not knowing what you want. You have to know exactly what you want. When the opportunity comes you have to recognize it as an opportunity. When an opportunity presents itself and you don’t know what you want, then you are confused and you let it pass by not knowing that it’s the EXACT thing that you need to be successful at what you’re trying to do.Be sure to take some quiet time to get complete clarity about exactly what it is you want in your life. What are your intentions for your life, what are your intentions for business, what kind of clients do you want to work with, what connections do you need to make to get what you want? These are things you do in advance so that when opportunity knocks, it’s not like answering the door to a stranger. Instead, it’s like a friend you’ve been waiting for.
  2. You haven’t prepared. My coach always says, “you have to prepare for the opportunity that doesn’t exist yet.” When opportunities are presented, they are presented with the expectation that you are ready to move forward right now. You won’t have time to get ready you need to already BE READY! When the opportunity comes be ready to move right then.That means if you have a business make sure you have everything in place. Know what your prices are, know what the offerings are, if you’re a speaker know what your topics are, what is your message, what are you trying to accomplish, what is your product? Have everything in place, so when opportunity knocks and you answer the door fully dressed you are positioned for success. You already know what to do. When you get asked a question, you already have an answer. And what that does is give you the confidence to achieve what you want to make happen.
  3. Waiting for opportunities. Sometimes you have to create your own platform to do what it is that you desire. When you are ready and you stay ready, you don’t even have to wait for opportunities to come to you. You make your own opportunities. Why? Because you’re already fully dressed, you’re fully capable, you’re fully prepared with what you need. So if you’ve done all of the work to get ready for the opportunity, you no longer have to wait for the opportunity to come to you, you no longer have to wait for someone to open the door. YOU open the door, you walk toward the door, you make a move because you’re already ready. Don’t waste your ready!

When you do these things you’ll see that your success will catapult. You’ll see quantum leaps in your life and in your business when you GET READY, BE READY, and STAY READY!

So don’t answer the door of opportunity with your pajamas on, but get FULLY DRESSED. Be fully dressed from head to toe, with your mindset ready for success, with your heart, attitude and desires anticipating success, and with your feet ready to move toward success.

Whether its an opportunity that comes to you or one you make yourself, YOU ARE READY!

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