3 Steps to Release Your Vision

I hosted a fabulous vision board workshop that resulted in so many breakthroughs for attendees. I’m super excited because I KNOW that each and every one of them that take what was taught and implement will see massive results in their lives. Here’s just a few snippets of what I shared. I shared with the group how it’s not enough to just pictures on a board but there are specific things that must be done to manifest your vision. But it’s only going to respond to your:


Know that the things you want also want you. This is a very important understanding. Your odds don’t matter. Your circumstances and conditions are only distractions. It’s these conditions that are convincing you that you can’t have what you want.

So, it comes down to who can tell the more compelling story. Will your circumstances prevail or are you willing to tell the story in your own words?

Here are three things that will help you release what’s rightfully yours.

Be Consistent: You will not be very successful in owning your vision and getting what you want if you’re sending mixed signals. This will cause confusion and will only prolong or even prevent you from collecting what’s truly yours.


Think of your words as a construction tool. When you send words out, they begin working to construct whatever it is you have said. Good or bad. YOU WILL LITERALLY HAVE WHAT YOU SAY.

Persevere: Once you start to put out in the atmosphere what you want, there will be challenges that will test you to see if you truly want it. These challenges are only a test to see if you’re willing to fight for what you want. You can’t allow them to throw you off track.

Give: You have to exhaust it all. Give as much as you possibly can give. This is your payment for your vision. You have to pay with your efforts, ideas, thoughts, skills, talents, abilities, and time. Whatever you have to give, you must give it. This may be difficult but it’s more than necessary.

You have the keys to your vision and all the things you want are truly in reach. No one or no thing is blocking you from whatever it is you want.

Life can be very fair if you decide for it to be.

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