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Tripled My Income!

Before coaching with Cheryl my clientele was stagnant even though I’m one of the top hairstylists in my city! I didn’t have the right mindset! Coaching was the absolute best business investment that I’ve ever experienced. Although I’ve been in business for 22 years, I learned how to reinvent and brand myself! It taught me how to maximize social media, change my mindset, ask for what I’m worth, recognize whom my ideal clients are, and I can go on and on! My mindset has shifted and I now think on a bigger broader scale! I’ve learned how to make passive income! I understand that I must start before I’m ready! Since working with Cheryl, my clientele has increased from 3-6 new customers per month to 3-6 new customers per week and my income has tripled in one year!! That’s huge for a hairstylist! I know how to maximize my influence in social media to obtain more notoriety and more income! I’ve learned to maximize all of my services so that they are as profitable as possible while recognizing that they all have different target clients!

Maisha Beard
Exclusively Maisha

Created 5 New Income Streams

Before coaching, I knew my business had potential but it would require a brand overhaul, and I was struggling with trying to resolve branding and profit blind spots on my own. Since coaching with Cheryl, I’ve gained brand clarity. We worked to create a website that is functional and profitable, I have created five new income streams, and had an increase in speaking engagements requests. I've been accepted into exclusive affiliate programs and I've got the opportunity to work with Target's affiliate team to promote Target's REDcard. In addition, my email list has grown by 80%. Thank you Cheryl, I could not have done it without your patience, proficiency , and expertise!

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