No More Shrinking Back


Have you ever encountered other people who are not as ambitious as you or they don’t seem to want as much out of life as you? Do they try and make you feel bad for wanting MORE than what you already have? When you are what some people would deem already successful, it seems that people take offense for you having the audacity to actually want more.

You’ll hear things like…

  • NOW what are you doing?
  • You’re always working on SOMETHING!
  • Will you ever be satisfied?
  • Who do you think you are anyways?

When you’re constantly being confronted with these attitudes, it can stunt your growth and you’ll subconsciously cause yourself to shrink back because you don’t want to get those negative reactions.

There are a few things that may be going on, and this is probably number one among them.

You’re spending too much time around the wrong people. Those who don’t understand your drive and passion will always work against what you’re trying to accomplish whether its intentional or not. Either way, you have to purposely distance yourself from them and find a group of like-minded people that are “always working on something” just like you.

That’s a great goal to have for 2015. Get connected with others who understand that you have goals and you’re working to make them happen.




One Response to No More Shrinking Back

  1. Hello Cheryl,

    Again thank you for the excellent words of encouragement in your post No Shrinking Back. Keep them coming.