My Story in Brief…

I failed my first attempt at entrepreneurship, so I went back to work and spent another 10 years feeling trapped in a career disguised as an employee. Then I decided to create and live the life “I” want.

cherylholland_picCirca 2003 – I took a leap of faith!

In 2003 I made the decision to take a payout from the company I’d worked at for 18 years so that I could start my own business. I was so excited! I was great at what I did BUT…there was a problem. I knew nothing about running a business! I created a website and thought business would just start flowing in! LOL! It’s funny now looking back; I was so naive. I thought my expertise in what I did was enough. I was so wrong. Well, after three months of not making ANY money, I applied for a few jobs in my field of expertise, got a couple of interviews and was hired all within two weeks. That started my 10 year journey of once again working for someone else. I did it, was good at it and actually loved the work. It’s what I do, I just didn’t want to do it for them; under someone’s thumb and creativity blocking rules! So after about 7 years the entrepreneur itch started getting the best of me again. I started to get miserable and hated going to work!

So …I took another leap of faith AND mastered a formula!

“When you have faith PLUS a formula, that makes you unstoppable!” ~Cheryl Holland

And in 2010…

I decided to try it again. This time I went about it a little differently. I continued to work my full-time job while I ran my business part-time. During that time I studied business principles including marketing, client attraction and most of all I mastered BRANDING! Then I got additional training by hiring a coach to help motivate me and to fill in those missing profit gaps in my business. I combined all of that with my almost 30 years work experience of which 20 were in the communication field. Now I HAVE THE FORMULA and the keys to help other career trapped women to create their dream business, create they lifestyle they want and bypass the mistakes I made. It starts with clarity which then breeds confidence leading to more clients. I’ve laid out my formula in my Luxe Lady Brand Attraction System™. It’s my passion to help others who are feeling trapped in a job or career when they KNOW there is so much more that they are supposed to be doing. I understand the struggle of showing up to work every day miserable because all you can think about are the tons of ideas that are coming to you about your dream business that you haven’t a clue what to do with. We are purposed for MORE! YOU are purposed for MORE!

I left my corporate job and now work full-time in my own business, creating my own schedule, determining my own value and having my cake & eating it too as an entrepreneur!

It’s your turn and I’m ready to help!