To My Luxe ONE Lady,

You are Savvy, Sassy, Smart & Beautiful. Absolutely Stunning!

asista_woman_webYou’re so brilliant and everyone expects so much from you. Others talk about how they were shot down in life and had low expectations placed on them, but not you. Your experience was just the opposite. Everyone expected great things from you.

You’ve always had a natural wisdom well beyond your years. You didn’t work for it, it’s a gift. And because you’re so full of knowledge and insight, others gravitate to you for help and advice.

You’ve always dreamed of being an entrepreneur, building a successful empire and experiencing total life freedom. Yet, you took the traditional and expected route and achieved the degrees and rose to the top of your career, but you’ve always known that you were meant for more. Not just more money, but to make more of a difference and make an impact in the world for those who you’re gifted to serve.

People recognize the gift, but what they don’t know is the internal struggle that keeps you feeling like you don’t measure up to the high expectations, feeling like you’re a fraud, and the self-doubt that keeps you stuck from fully embracing who you are and what you’re truly passionate about. You can motivate others, but how come you can’t seem to motivate yourself?

No one knows this is happening though. You’ve mastered the mask. You’re so good at being the happy, positive person and there for everyone, that no one seems to notice your hurt and pain. You know that you are underachieving and that you’re allowing others to undervalue you and what you have to offer. You under value and under charge what you’re really worth because you don’t yet fully own your value. You’ve been wondering how you as the high-achiever, allow yourself to go from one year to the next struggling to reach the life and business goals that you so desperately want. You go to bed and you wake up with that recurring thought that you replay in your mind every single day. Why do you keep doubting yourself? You’ve used your brilliance to build dreams and success for so many others, yet you haven’t figured out how to make that work for yourself. What you really want is to live a luxurious life filled with peace, freedom and the love of family and friends.

“If THEY can do it why hasn’t it happened for me?” is what you ask yourself when you see others having the success you desire. You know that you’re out of alignment, but not sure how to get aligned. You know that you want total freedom. You want to have an abundance of finances, so you can be a part of the rich girl and luxe lady clubs! You want to travel the world and be able to take out your checkbook and write a donation check for thousands of dollars without flinching, to the causes you’re passionate about. You want a beautiful home and the luxury car of your dreams. You want the luxe life, you want to be okay with wanting more, and you know you deserve it.

One of the reasons that you’re stuck and haven’t fully embraced your success is because you keep minimizing yourself so you can “fit in” the “normal” box. But you are not normal! You are a trendsetter and a trailblazer. Accept it. Own it. Embrace it. You’ve never been satisfied with the status quo. You have a life transforming message in you that spreads to others with them simply being in your presence. Your light can’t be dimmed, even when you’re the one trying to do the dimming. Anyone that gets the privilege of knowing you gets blessed in so many ways.

You are truly ready for your next…NOW!

You’re here and kept reading because it’s time. I SEE YOU and I KNOW! Yes, you want a business and life that is luxurious, and you want it with sophistication, grace and ease. You’re not into the whole grind and hustle thing everyone else is doing. The high-achieving over-achieving you, wants it all, but you know it can be done without working yourself in the ground and giving your freedom! It’s time to fully embrace YOU…who you are now and who you are meant to become. I’m here and ready to empower you and support you. You are the ONE that I’m here to help.

I’ve taken the first step in pouring out my heart in this letter to you. The next step is yours to take. It’s your time and it’s your turn now!

Let’s build your luxe lifestyle and business together!

To Blessings & Freedom,