Mirror Talk System

How to Silence the Negative Narrative in Your Head that’s Keeping You Stuck

Discover the 3 steps to turn off that broken record of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotage that’s keeping you from having the business and life success you desire.

ATTENTION: Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Business Owners & Women who are Tired of the Status Quo!

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Does it seem like you’re in a cycle of getting stuck? It goes a little something like this:

Procrastinate –> Get Motivated –> Lose Motivation –> STUCK –>Procrastinate –> Get Motivated –> Lose Motivation –> STUCK. IT’S A VICIOUS CYCLE!

And it’s the negative self-talk that is the primary culprit that has you stuck in that cycle. You have so many ideas and aspirations but you keep getting STUCK. Starting projects and not finishing, tons of ideas but not doing anything with them…and then a new day, a new week, a new month, and then a new year….and the same result! STUCK!!!!

Until you silence that inner critic, you’re gonna keep having that same struggle — procrastination, paralyzing fear, low self-esteem and self-worth, depression and more!

The conversations you have with yourself go a little like…

  • There’s something wrong with me
  • I can’t do this
  • I’m so stressed out
  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m not smart enough
  • I’m not pretty enough
  • I’m not worthy enough
  • I’ve made too many mistakes
  • It’s too late to start now
  • I can’t see my way out of this

It’s that mirror talk! What you are saying to yourself!


The negative self talk is destroying your dreams, crashing your confidence, polarizing your purse, and ravaging your relationships!

There’s nothing worse than getting hung by your very own thoughts and words. You make one step forward then you beat yourself up for not being good enough, for being a failure and all the lies we tell ourselves. And the whole while the book you want to write, the business you dream of starting, the difference you are meant to make in the world all fall by the wayside while you fight this internal attack of words day in and day out.

Aren’t you ready to be free from that?

Is this you?

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  • You self-sabotage opportunities by talking yourself out of it before you’ve even had a chance to give a try
  • The reflection looking back at you is not the woman you once knew
  • You have a “someday” or “one day” conversation with yourself about your dreams and desires
  • You have private mental wars you battle and you never come out the winner
  • You feel like a hypocrite because people consider you successful but on the inside you’re in a downward spiral of self-doubt
  • You’ve been doing what you know to do toward your dreams but there seems to be a missing piece
  • You seem to be able to help everyone else, but when it comes to you, you’re stuck
  • You have a passion to start a business but lack the confidence it takes to make it happen
  • You feel stuck in the security of your insecurities because you’re so used to it

You have the power to SHIFT your life & your circumstances! And it starts with a NEW LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

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Mirror TalkWhen you look in the mirror wouldn’t you rather see a woman who is bold, powerful, confident and fearlessly following her dreams?

Here’s the thing.

You may feel like life may have dealt you a bad hand. You may feel like you’ve been tricked and this life is not what you signed up for. 

But, it’s not your fault!

It’s all of the negative things that have been programmed into you by life, circumstances, upbringing and experiences.

Unfortunately, most of it was the wrong kind of programming and we took it to heart. No matter how innocently (or not) given or subtly implied, we began hearing the same words and thoughts repeatedly. Year after year, word by word, our life scripts were written. And then layer by layer our self-images were created. In time, we joined in ourselves and began to believe what we were being told by others — and what we were telling ourselves– was true.

When you hear something over and over again, it’s convincing. And here’s the GOOD NEWS! You can use that same technique to reverse the negative programming. 


Your Words are Powerful

Your words are creative and they are powerful. Your words have the ability to both create and destroy. Every word that you send out into the atmosphere finds a landing place, whether it be for good or bad. YOUR WORDS MATTER! So, if your life doesn’t look like what you desire, it’s time to change your conversations. Yes, your conversations with others but mostly the conversation you have with the woman in the mirror.


And there are really only 3 steps needed…

Affirmations: Positive statements that you use to describe YOUR DESIRED situation. When these statements are repeated often, they get impressed on your subconscious mind, and eventually, trigger it into positive action. Affirmations are used on purpose for a purpose. They tell your subconscious mind that you are changing your thinking patters, and that you are CHOOSING how you’re going to think, live and prosper.

Transformation Exercises: What causes lasting change is not just the positive affirmations but actually dealing with some of the issues that may have contributed to the negative self-talk. This may involve dealing with childhood and relationship issues that are still impacting you today.

Faith: Incorporating faith, prayer and meditation in whatever you do will always increase the results and impact.

You can do this!

And if you’re thinking, “I don’t know where to start”, or “I don’t have time for this”, “that’s too much work” or “I should do this…but I won’t”…that is your negative self-talk popping up AGAIN. SHUT IT DOWN because you don’t have to worry about any of that. I’ve created a program that MAKES IT SO EASY to do this, there really isn’t anyone who cannot do it. If you can read, write and listen…you can be successful in this program and CHANGE YOUR NEGATIVE SELF TALK which in turn will change your life.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 with my Mirror Talk 3 Step System

It’s basically DONE FOR YOU!


  • Affirmations? DONE! Written for you to read AND recorded for you to listen to on the go.
  • Transformation Tools? DONE! I created an action work book with an guided audio to take you through each step of your transformation. Just listen, follow along and answer the questions
  • Faith Prompts? DONE! I’ve included scriptures that support every area of the affirmation program both written for you to read AND recorded to meditation music that you can even fall asleep to.

This system changed my life

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Hi, my name in Cheryl Holland, the creator of the Mirror Talk Affirmation & Activation System and I’ve been where you are. When life as I knew it fell apart after my divorce, my biggest discoveries about myself were that…

1. I had no idea who I was as a woman. After spending years raising a family and fitting into the mold others created for me, I had never TAKEN the opportunity to really get to know me, the woman looking back at me in my mirror. I had no idea what my wants and desires were. 

2. I was stuck in a rut. I’d allowed myself to fall into a cycle of confusion about my next steps. And because I was confused, I did what most confused people do – NOTHING!

But then, I was tired of spinning my wheels feeling sorry for myself and my new situation (especially my financial situation). SO I DECIDED that if I wanted something different that I would have to do something different. ACTION follows DECISION. If you aren’t taking active steps to change your life, then you haven’t really decided that you want your life to change.

So here’s what I did

I started with my thinking! I knew that my thought life was impacting the results I was seeing. “As a man thinketh, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7) and then I also knew that what I was saying to MYSELF was having a major impact on my life. I knew that it was the conversation that I was having in the mirror that impacted me the most, because in my conversations with others I portrayed a totally different picture.


I portrayed a confident and successful woman, but on the inside there was a different story being told.

So, I made a disciplined effort to change what I said in the mirror to the woman looking back at me. “Wise words satisfy like a good meal; the right words bring satisfaction.” (Proverbs 18:20 NLT)

If you are ready to overcome the negative self talk that is stopping you from being the woman you want, ready to increase your boldness so you can create the life you really want, and step over your past and walk into your future, then the Mirror Talk 3 Step System is for you!

Are you ready to do something different
and get different results?

Change yourself from the inside out & create the YOU that YOU are happy with.

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Top 10 benefits of the program…

Get to Happy!

  1. Excitement about your day when you get our the bed in the morning.
  2. Easily adjust your mood when your day isn’t going well.
  3. Ability to love yourself –all the time –just as you are.
  4. Self approval of who you are, including all of your quirky ways.
  5. Positive energy that attracts success and wealth to you.
  6. Attract loving, caring and healthy relationships.
  7. Confidence in yourself to manage your challenges just fine.
  8. Ease to fall asleep soundly and peacefully every night.
  9. Renew and pursue your dreams
  10. Repel the wrong people and attract the right people in your life

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″ font_color=”%23000000″]With any tool, you have to know what to use when. You have to know which affirmations to use for what life situation, how often to use them for most effectiveness and what time of day is best to use them.

Mirror Talk is a complete audio system of affirmation tracks you can apply to various life situations, a transformational action guide and audio, scriptural meditations, and an instructional guide that shows you exactly how to make affirmations work for you in just a short period of time.[/text_block]

These are the exact 3 steps I used to change my life around

This system helped me grow from the frustrated girl trapped in a woman’s body to the woman I am today who is confident and actively pursuing her purpose, passion & prosperity. The strategies used in this system use self-talk that is consistent with the latest scientific developments about how the human brain receives and accepts new information.

    Just a few of the successes from others who have experienced my trainings


    “Excited about getting out of the status quo.”

    I took today off from work and had some time to quietly listen to your audio series without any interruptions. When you get  certain age you think that dreams you had for yourself when you were younger are not in your future. Other people in my life have taken priority so I have settled and I have to admit there has been some resentment. Your audios have given me the tools I need to really think about what I need to make ME happy without feeling guilty or selfish. I am so excited about getting out of status quo!! Thank you and God bless you.

    – Virginia Albritton


    “Keep my momentum on Level 10.”

    I loved your series. It was great information and really has helped me on my journey towards staying motivated and encouraged on my own life coaching journey. I am always look for good information to keep my momentum on a level 10 and your series did that for me. Thank you.

    – Angela Ewharekuko


    “It is amazing how transformative your words have been.”

    I can’t wait for my seventh audio series to come! You have no idea how many times I have listened to them! Love, love, love them!!! It is amazing how transformative your words have been. Please know that I am truly grateful for your words that have helped cleanse my soul while empowering/ encouraging me to keep moving forward- head up, shoulders back while maintaining a heart that is open to all the immense adventures God has in stall for me ahead.

    – Tara Springfield

    Step out and move toward a mindset of confidence, freedom and motivation to create the life you want?

    Just 3 steps to put into practice over the next 30 days!

    Mirror Talk is designed for transformation in SIX CORE AREAS:


      Wake up to each day with purpose and direct it the way you would like your day to go


      Work through issues from your past that are roadblocks to your success today.


      Boost your self confidence and boldness to accomplish your dreams.


      Determine and decree your intentions for your future.


      Define what success looks like to you and create a plan to achieve your goals.


      Discover your wealth creating gifts and talents.

    [op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_color=”%23ff807a”]HERE’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU GET:[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]
    [op_liveeditor_element data-style=””]
    • Custom designed action guide with transformation exercises
    • 100 written affirmations for the six core areas to read on your own
    • Journal pages to record your inner thoughts during your transformation exercises
    • Introductory lesson , dare to dream motivation and lesson explaining affirmations and how they change your life
    • Guided audio lessons walking you through each of the six core exercises
    • Transformational affirmations audio to play and echo while you’re on the go; set to motion music to use while working out, walking or going about your day
    • Scripture meditation audio created to relaxing music as you wind down from your day. These will help to solidify your affirmations and transformation while you sleep.
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    I know that you’re wondering now, just how much is this going to cost me to get unstuck and out of this rut?

    Well I’ll put it like this,

    Getting unstuck is PRICELESS

    Getting happy and to the place where you don’t have to hear that negative echo in your head everyday, is PRICELESS

    Peace of mind, less worry and stress by getting rid of the negative self-talk, PRICELESS!

    Can you really put a price on the value of those things?

    But don’t worry. I’m making this super simple and super affordable for you.

    The price of the MIRROR TALK 3-STEP SYSTEM is only $197!


    [text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”20″ font_color=”%23000000″ font_shadow=”none”]INSTANT DOWNLOAD[/text_block]
    [text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”40″ font_color=”%2310B2B5″ font_shadow=”none” top_margin=”30″ line_height=”32″]$197[/text_block]


    Satisfaction Guarantee

    I feel confident you’re going to love the Mirror Talk 3 Step Affirmation and Activation System so much that I’ve taken all risk out of the equation for you. You stand to gain so much that I want you to give it an honest, full participation try for 30 days, and if you don’t see results, I’ll refund all your money. No questions asked. I stand behind my product 100%.


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    Because I know that when you complete the program, you’re going to be ready to go full force into your future success, I want to make sure you have the tools to make that happen. So…I’ve included these ADDITIONAL DOWNLOADS FOR FREE to help you create the life you really want as well as inspire and empower you to pursue your dreams.



    • 1

      Life Clarity Map Planner ($47 Value)

      This helps you think through and develop an easy to follow and actionable plan to improve every area of your life — spiritual, health, financial, family, relationships, and dreams.

    • 2

      ReIgnite My Dream Audio ($47 Value)

      This audio will light a spark under you to begin to go after your dreams again. It’s that motivation you need but this time, you won’t get stuck again.

    • 3

      Everything I Want Checklist ($17 Value)

      To get what you want, you have to keep a vision of what that is in front of you. A vision checklist sheet that you can keep on your fridge, on your cubicle at work or wherever you want to remind yourself of what you want in life and business. You want it, now go get it!

    [text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”40″ font_color=”%2310B2B5″ font_shadow=”none” top_margin=”30″ line_height=”32″]$197[/text_block]