I believe every woman should "Have Her Cake & Eat It Too"!
Do what you love. Get paid well for it. Create the life YOU want!

Why? We have a God-inspired vision, dreams, gifts, ideas and passions that will make a difference in the world. And they are a conduit for blessing in our own lives.

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Hi, I’m Cheryl Holland,

For too long we’ve put our own dreams and desires on the back-burner while we’ve taken care of everyone else. It’s time to REIGNITE. REINVENT. RESTORE.

I totally get it.

In 2011 I held my first Women’s Empowerment Seminar called Permission Granted. It was a first step out for me after a 7 year hiatus and having set aside my dreams to empower women around the globe. I’d allowed myself to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of being a wife, mother and employee.

Well, after life as I knew it fell apart, I was faced with questions I could not readily answer.

  1. Who am I?
  2. What do I want?

That began my journey to come up with the answer to those questions and to work on creating the life I really wanted.

During this process I had numerous women wanting more from me but I didn’t quite know how to help them in an official capacity. I did a lot of work for free and was afraid to charge for what I actually loved doing. I was burning myself out by helping others without being paid for the value I was providing.

After struggling trying to pull all of my ideas together and make money in my business, I hired a business coach and my business quickly began to grow. I knew when I made my first $10k in one month that this is what I wanted to do full time.

The problem: I was quickly burning out trying to maintain the level of activity and pace to keep the $10k month income level. Everything I was doing was so outside of my personality. So I had to find a way to streamline my business to better fit ME. More sparkle and less hustle!

The solution: I created my EmpowerHer10K™ Coaching Program which helps women’s empowerment entrepreneurs easily create a $5,000-$10,000 income by packaging, marketing and enrolling clients into a high-value program. No more trying to sell 100s of low-ticket products, books and low cost coaching sessions.

I now empower women in their lives and businesses full-time as the #1 Business Coach to Women’s Empowerment Entrepreneurs.

Before I left Corporate America in 2014, I worked for 28 years in Communications, Public Relations, and Visual Design & Branding. I use all of those skills along with what I’ve learned about how to build and market a profitable online brand to teach others to do the same.

What I want you to know is that taking your ideas, purpose, passions and experiences and building a life and business doing what you love is not as easy as you might think especially coming from a corporate environment. Those skills don’t necessarily translate well to attracting high end clients online.

I teach my clients how to package, market and enroll clients into a signature high-value program with ease.

I want you to Have Your Cake & Eat It Too. Do what you love, make a difference in the world AND make great money doing it.





#1 Business Coach for Women’s Empowerment Entrepreneurs

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