Don’t Let Your Dreams Die Waiting for Perfection

progress_perfectionHave you had so many of ideas fall by the wayside over the years, just to look up and see someone else working on the very idea you had?

That used to frustrate me to no end. Here I am getting all these great ideas but couldn’t seem to complete any of them.

Want to know what my problem was?

Trying to wait until everything was perfect!! As if that is even a real possibility. 

The plain truth is that it isn’t. Things will NEVER be perfect. 

If you keep waiting…

If you keep “researching”…

If you keep tweaking…

If you keep asking others what they think…

You’re going to allow your dream to die. Don’t let that happen!

Here’s the thing…

I began seeing success in my business and my ideas coming to fruition once I let go of the perfectionism. Once I decided to make it okay, to START BEFORE I WAS READY. Because guess what?

You’ll never be completely ready.

And you’ll never get anything done if you don’t take a step. TAKE ACTION. Do something. Stop just talking about what you want to do or what you plan to do and JUST DO IT.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. And it doesn’t have to be or look like someone else. You can’t compare your start with someone else who is years into them following their dream. The beginning will never look like the middle.

I encourage you Cheryl to step out and DO ONE THING toward your dream today. What’s that one thing you can do to get started? You may not have all of the answers and you may not have all of the steps but…

You know ONE STEP or ONE ACTION that you can take to move you in the right direction.

Do that today. 

Make a move and see what happens.

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