Do You Suffer from Brand Laryngitis?

laryngitisHave you ever lost your voice? Being hoarse, or losing your voice altogether, can be extremely frustrating. You’re trying to talk and your lips are moving but nothing is coming out or what’s coming out can’t be understood by the person you’re talking to. That’s what happens when you lose your natural voice. But, how do you get brand laryngitis?

The symptoms: You’re in business. You’re marketing your products and services. You’re networking. But it seems like no one or not enough people are listening and the ones that you think are listening just don’t seem to be buying what you’re selling.

So how do you handle it? You think the answer is getting a new logo, a new website, and any other number of elements but you’re still not seeing the results. You just keep tweaking and thinking – Can you hear me now?

Your diagnosis: You may have a case of brand laryngitis. You’re doing a whole lot of talking but people can’t hear you. This is primarily caused by poor messaging and not making a connection with YOUR audience.  If this is what you’re experiencing in your business, here’s a three-step prescription to get it together:

  1. Talk to the right people. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who was talking about something that you had no interest in? What eventually happened? You left the conversation. Sure you may have been sitting there appearing as if you’re listening but the truth is you have left the room! When communicating your brand, it doesn’t matter how much you say or how much you market if you’re not talking to the people who WANT to hear what you have to say. When you don’t have a focused target you become like sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal. People will just tune you out because you’re producing a hollow, annoying, irritating echo that seems to eternally reverberate.
  2. Talk about what they want to hear. You know the “right” people from step 1? Once you determine who the right people are you then have to talk about what THEY want to hear. And not what you want to tell them. Contrary to what you might believe your brand is not all about you. Sure your brand should be infused with your personality and values but the bottom line that impacts your bottom line is your ideal customer. What are they interested in? What do they need help with? What do they want you to talk about? Answer those questions and you’ll get their attention.
  3. Stay on topic. .This step ties into the first two. Once you get the right people, talk about what they want to hear, you then have to do that consistently. When building a brand you have to stay on topic so you can get some traction. If one week you’re marketing yourself as a coach, the next week you’re selling coffee, and then three weeks later you’re selling a body wrap then you are off topic and really need to go back to square one-developing your brand.

Developing your brand is a process—a strategic one at that. Don’t jump in without having a plan for your brand to pop and profit. You will have to plan for it. It doesn’t just happen. Get focused and you’ll reach your goals faster, be less frustrated in your business, and make more money.

Can you hear me now? Does this sound like what could be happening with your brand?

If you need help getting clarity around your brand message for your target client, schedule a Complimentary Brand Clarity Call. We’ll spend about 30 minutes to:

  • Get clarity around your ideas, dreams and vision for your business.
  • Uncover any hidden challenges that may be sabotaging you from getting the results you want.
  • Define next step strategies that will get you unstuck.

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