Dare to Dream Again

dream_again_asistaprojectAs a child you had dreams. Do you remember? Can you take your mind there to the place where you still believed in dreams? What were the dreams you had before you succumbed to the “I can’t” syndrome? What were your dreams before life happened TO YOU?

Let’s go back there and retrieve the dreamer in you. I want you to reignite your life with the possibility of dreams. I want you to stop saying no to yourself, and start saying yes to you and your dreams. You know we find it easy to say yes to everyone else, but when it comes to us, we get the crumbs and we get the “no” attached to all types of excuses.

But my goal is to pull out of you that place within that may be buried deep inside, that place that holds your dreams.

What are dreams?

Think of your dreams as specific goalposts on the field of your life. Goalposts are used as visual targets to get you to a specific location and indicators that let you know that you’ve scored a goal. You have dreams to help you get from one place in life to the next. Dreams are what God uses to inspire you and to give you something to aspire to. Although God never gives you the whole picture at once, He uses dreams to give you a glimpse of what He sees and has planned for your life. He has a final destination for you. It’s a destination of life, freedom, joy and peace. He uses the goalposts (your dreams) to get you back on the right path when you get off track. Let’s get back on track and dare to dream again.

Purpose your dreams

When you refuse to dream on purpose, you limit your life possibilities. Dreams do happen while you’re asleep, but the best dreams happen when you’re awake. Dreams and visions fuel the purpose and vision for your life so you have to make a conscious effort to dream. As kids we called it daydreaming. And for the most part it was discouraged. But you know what? It’s the daydreamer that’s successful in life. So, find your dream spot. Where is the hot spot that you can go to think impossible thoughts? Is at the beach? The park? Is it a special room at home?

Your dream spot is the place where you can’t fail. Nothing is impossible. It’s totally risk free and you always win in that spot. So, get to that place. Close your eyes. Clear your mind and focus on your dreams. See yourself now in that place that you discovered in your dreams and then uplevel your dreams on purpose. Dream bigger!

Plan your dreams Having dreams without a plan to live those dreams makes them simply a wish. If you’re like me, you have many dreams. Take some time to hone in on one area of your dream and create an actionable goal to accomplish that dream. What goal can you set to begin to move in the direction of your dream?

Is your dream to go back to school? Set a goal to:

  1. Decide what you’d like study
  2. Research schools with that field of study
  3. Contact the school and make an appointment with an adviser.

These are three simple tasks that you can assign to you goal to get you moving in the direction of returning to school. Always take your dream and create smart goals and then take those goals and reduce them down to individual tasks. This helps make reaching your dream more attainable when it’s broken down into small steps. Your mind and your life can now receive the possibilities of your dreams.

It’s your turn now. What dream are you going to pursue? What goal will you set to accomplish that dream? What tasks (start with 3) will it take to get you moving toward that dream? Once those three tasks are completed, add another three new tasks to move you further along.

Partner you dreams To help you achieve your dreams, find and dream partner. This would be someone that you trust who you can share your dream, goal and task with; someone who can help hold you accountable to reach your goals.

I believe in you and I believe you can achieve whatever you set your mind and actions to. Go for it. Go get what’s yours unapologetically! YOU DESERVE IT!

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