Private Strategy + Implementation Sessions for Enterprising Women & Coaches

Hello Lady Entrepreneurs!

You’re a visionary. You’re enterprising. You’re purpose-focused. You’re ready to step up and show up in your vision and make it happen. The problem is the tons of ideas swirling around in your head and trying to find the common thread to connect the dots for your ideas, purpose and vision and turn them into a profitable business that gives you the freedom you want…especial freedom from that 9 to 5 that you’re reluctantly dragging yourself to every day.

If you’re like I was, you got started in the right direction and got your DBA or LLC, opened that bank account, ordered your business cards, built a website and a Facebook page, connected with people…but you’re not making any money.

Here’s what I know from my own experience and from coaching other visionary and purpose-driven lady entrepreneurs. Sometimes we’re just in our own way. Yes we’re smart, passionate and inspiring but it takes more than that to turn your vision into a profitable business. 

You need clients! And to get clients…

You need clarity! And to get clarity…

You need a coach that has been where you are and discovered the formula to quickly turn things around so you can get clients, get income, and have a real business so you can kiss that 9 to 5 goodbye.

That’s what I did about 2 years ago and I want to help you do the same. You CAN create the life that you want.


  • If you dream of a luxe life of freedom and ease
  • If you dream of having a business based around your God-given purpose and personality
  • If you’re ready to have a coaching business that’s booked up with paying clients and starting your own wait list
  • And if you’re unavailable to spend anymore time spinning in your own mind, stuck in indecision

Then I’ve got you. Let me support you in creating the luxe life & business you so desire.

Invest in the success of your VIP Luxe Brand Clarity Intensive

This is a completely immersive and posh experience, focused on YOU, your goals, dreams, business and what you need to take your income, influence, and lifestyle to entirely new heights.

Together we’ll create a customized plan for your lifestyle and income goals.

During Your VIP Intensive We’ll Use My Luxe Brand Attraction System™ to:

  • Create your custom luxe brand that fits you like a glove
  • Define, draft and get clear on your unique brand message (no more competing and comparing)
  • Decide who you best serve as your Luxe-ONE™ client
  • Design your high-end Luxe Signature Program to attract your Luxe-ONE™ committed clients (at premium fees)
  • Map your luxe marketing strategy to get in from of your ideal clients
  • Cultivate your mindset to a Luxe Ladypreneur (where you need to BE in the process of your new up-leveling)

In our time together, with one-on-one intense focus, you will accomplish what would normally take others YEARS of costly mistakes of under-earning and overworking trying to figure it out on their own.

When you work with me, you will:

  • Be free of confusion about who you are as a brand
  • Feel fulfilled by merging your ideas, talents, expertise and gifts together so that you are operating in your God-given purpose
  • Be empowered to pursue your desires and create the life you want
  • Get the confidence to function and flow in an luxe environment
  • Have the boldness to charge and ask for what you desire to be paid for your services
  • Experience mindset shifts to help you overcome belief blocks, blast through fears, and find your luxe level mojo

Your Full Day VIP Experience Includes:

  • A Welcome and preparation packet
  • A 60 minute VIP Strategy Call to prepare our strategy and focus for the day (we won’t waste any time that day trying to figure that out)
  • 6 hour private day laser focused on your specific goals for your brand & business (in-person,, or Skype intensives available)
  • 30 days of follow up mentoring (four 30 minute post-intensive sessions) to support you with implementation and accountability
  • 30 days of personal email support

This VIP intensive is custom designed for you and includes all of the above plus a whole day together in a 5-Star hotel, gourmet lunch + refreshments.

Meet me in one of these Luxe Locatons

Luxe Brand Intensives are currently being offered in the following locations for 2015. Come join me in the destination that speaks to you and spend a fabulous day transforming your money, freedom, & lifestyle.