Get Clarity & Support Building Your Dream Biz

Started your dream business but having a hard time getting clarity, getting clients, and sick and tired of being stuck on information overload?

Tired of spinning your wheels trying to figure things out on your own?

This Clarity Call is for you if:

  • You are a lady coach, consultant or expert (sharing your knowledge, passion or expertise to help others) who is either beginning her business, or has been in business for a couple of years.
  • You strongly desire to create your first $5K or $10k month and have the freedom to leave your 9-5.
  • There’s nothing more important to you than creating a business in integrity and purpose; and you’re passionate about being able to make a difference working when you want and where you want.
  • You know you have what it takes to help others at a transformational level but you have no idea where to start or need support, clarity, confidence, and clients.
  • You’re tired of making choices from a poverty mindset and you’re ready to walk into the abundant life and business you were born to create.

Join me on this Complimentary Brand Clarity Call and we’ll work together in this session to:

  • Get clarity around your ideas, dreams and vision for your business.
  • Uncover any hidden challenges that may be sabotaging you from getting the results you want.
  • Define next step strategies that will get you unstuck.

This is a complimentary call. The purpose is to help you get really clear about your desires, how to finally make them happen, and then if there is a good fit, explore coaching with me to help you get there faster.


What my clients say?

Got 3 Clients (and several prospects) with JUST brand clarity & messaging...

...Knowing WHAT to say and HOW to say it. No Website. No Fancy Graphics. No Ads. Just the right words. I learned how to effectively create and deliver my pitch in 20 seconds (I know it’s 20 seconds because I timed myself) working with Cheryl Holland. She taught me how to explain what I do in a short, straight to the point pitch that is delivered in a normal conversational way. It doesn’t sound scripted or rehearsed at all. I have attracted clients just in the first phase of her program. Thanks to this simple and powerful technique I have 3 paying clients and have had a number of inquiries, which I’m confident will turn into paying clients, too. Messaging is as important as the naming of your business. People may not remember the name but they'll remember your name and what you do.

Ebony Nicole Smith
Book Publishing Consultant for Clergy

Clarity & Client Attraction VIP Day

Before today I had a lot of different ideas in my head but did not know what to do with them. I had an idea of what I wanted to do but didn't know how to make it all come together. After today I am very clear on what direction to go in and who I am serving as my target market. Before today I was frustrated and all over the place trying to piece things together on my own and now I have a signature program that is unique, speaks to my target market and will be profitable. I now understand what language to use when speaking to my target market and how to focus more on their needs and wants. I highly recommend coaching with Cheryl Holland to take your business to the next level!

Natalie Louis

Made $2,000 within a Week of VIP Coaching Day

Before my VIP Day with Cheryl, I was a public success but I didn't have the clarity, motivation, and systems I needed to reach my financial goals. I spent a lot of time learning but never earning the amount of money I desired. I copied what I saw other coaches doing because I thought it would work for me too, even if I copied it word for word. I spent a lot of time marketing to "everyone", hoping someone would notice me and want to hire me as their coach. It was like my wheels were always spinning, but my business wasn't growing.

After my VIP Day with Cheryl, I made $2,000 in one week! (YES! It really happened!) Cheryl helped me reignite my dream of becoming a full-time entrepreneur and start creating the life I always wanted! In just one week, I had over 10 discovery calls from prospective high-end clients! I now have systems in place that allow me to speak to my ideal clients that are willing and able to invest in my services. I'm so glad that I made the investment in the VIP Day with Cheryl!  Cheryl always says, "advancement requires investment." I'm a living witness that it does and my clientele and bank account are constantly growing since I made the investment. If you're ready to GET SEEN, GET HEARD, and GET PAID, I highly recommend coaching with Cheryl Holland! 

Dante Worth

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