Be Bold and Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you’re going to reach true success in your life or your business, it’s going to take BOLD steps and coming out of your comfort “safe” zone. Always playing it safe in your life and 35466llespecially in your business will leave you frustrated and unfulfilled. We have to take risks and not be afraid to fail. Failure is a part of growing. If you haven’t failed at something then you most likely aren’t accomplishing anything. If you want to be more and have more then you have to DO MORE and you have to do it with boldness and confidence. You have to be audacious!

Audacious! What does that mean, anyway? Well it’s not about being rude, obnoxious and bossy, at least not in my book. Being audacious is about being uninhibited. Being more confident than afraid, being more bold than timid, and letting go of old and outdated mindsets and perceptions that hold you back and hide the real you. It’s about playing to your strengths, and saying “yes” more often, both at work and in life.

You don’t have to be doing groundbreaking, high-profile work to be audacious. Everyone has some level of audacity, and we all have the ability to be bold and step outside of our comfort zones. Your dreams and success WILL NOT be accomplished in your comfort zone. If you’re comfortable and not challenged by what you’re doing, you’re not in full pursuit of your dreams. Or, your dreams are too small! Get uncomfortable with being comfortable and be comfortable with being uncomfortable. This is a sign that you are challenging yourself for a new level of growth.

When you are audacious, you have the audacity, the confidence, and the boldness to follow you dreams. There is nothing more exhilarating than doing big and bold things in spite of fear. Do you like to ride roller coasters or other scary amusement rides? Well, I used to love riding roller coasters. I say used to because as I get older, I’m not so sure my stomach or the rest of me for that matter can take it. But the interesting thing is, most of us get on that ride knowing that there is a BIG drop coming that will cause us to scream and yell at the top of our lungs. Yet, we still get on that ride! And we scream the whole time. I sure did. Well, the thing is that you knew that big drop was only temporary and that eventually you’ll be back standing on your feet and ready to ride again. That’s how we have to be in following our dreams and passions. We have to be uninhibited by the fear. Fear will come, but we do it anyway because the end result is that it will all turn out just fine. It’s a matter of not just being bold, but being committed, and being determined to get where you want to go. 

Have the audacity to believe that you really can accomplish what you’ve dreamed about. Don’t be paralyzed by fear. Be bold! Be audacious!

Three ways you can learn to be audacious

1. Play BIG and play to WIN. 

When you think small, you play small, and when you play small then you are not being audacious. You are not small—you have lots of passion, drive, and power inside of you, and you’re not helping anyone, including yourself, by holding back. If you are the best person to solve a problem or lead a project, then you must SAY SO. Give your boss or a client solid reasons why you are the best one for the job, and make sure they know how passionate you are about it. That’s being audacious.

2. Go After IT!

What IT you ask? Whatever IT is for you? Your dreams, your passions, that dream job, that degree you want, that book you should be writing, that home for troubled women that you can’t stop thinking about, that dream life that you desire. If you’ve thought of it, envisioned it, or said it, then you can do it. Have the audacity to believe that it is possible for YOU! You have everything you need within you to achieve IT but you must first believe IT and then because you do believe it, you pursue IT! 

3. Whack your Weaknesses

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but many of us tend to focus too much on the weaknesses. Don’t focus on them because, again, what you focus on expands! Focus on and build your strengths. When you focus so much energy on your weak areas, you limit your ability to show your best self and do your best work. In short, you fail to be audacious. Manage your weaknesses to keep them from throwing you off track, but spend way more time and show the most love to your strengths. When you do that your strengths will ultimately outshine your weaknesses. The better you are at a particular task or skill, the more confident you are in that area. That’s where your audaciousness is. Stay THERE!