Are you Living on Purpose?

We have kids, we have a spouse, we have a job, we have family and so on and so on. All of these things are important parts of our lives but the question I want to ask you is are you LIVING fully or are you just existing?

Many times we go day to day in what I call default living. We take each day as it comes instead of purposely creating the day and life that we truly desire. I want to encourage you to begin today to do just that. Think about the dreams you’ve had that you’ve put on that back burner. It’s time to wake them up and awaken the power within you to manifest the life you really want. You CAN do it you know. 

What do you really want?
Do you know? When you’re not sure what you really want out of your life, out of your business, or out of your career you go about your days sort of numb. You’re numb to life and mostly likely only jarred by crisis and so we live from crisis to crisis instead of living the life we really want. In between the crisis it’s just whatever will be will be. Who told you life had to be like that?! Life is meant to be lived fully and abundantly! And, it’s in YOUR power to make that happen. No, you’re not waiting on God to do something. Stop lying to yourself!  It’s your move. You’ve been praying, seeking, and asking but you haven’t been DOING! It’s time to DO and have what you really desire. Figure out what that is that you want and go for it! If you’ve been praying and seeking that is wonderful, now all that’s left is for you to take ACTION knowing that you already have everything you need to be successful on the inside of you! What’s your first step? Start making it happen today!

Make a decision to start living on purpose
Have you ever thought to yourself, “what is my purpose” or what is the purpose of life? “How can I find my purpose in life”? Here’s the thing, even if you don’t know your life purpose, you can still begin living ON purpose. Let me explain. Finding your life purpose is more than I can explain to you in this blog post. Bringing clarity to what you’re here on this earth to do comes with life experience, faith, and spending time asking for wisdom and clarity about your purpose. What I’m focused on right now is simply encouraging you to make the decision to have specific goals in your life that you want to accomplish and then purposely living your life and making the decisions necessary to reach your goals. Success doesn’t just happen, it’s a planned event. And yes, you can still set and reach goals with kids, a spouse, and a job. Start with just one goal. Write down the goal, write a statement affirming that goal, put a date to it and then write down the steps to make it happen. THEN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Make your heart flutter
What makes your heart flutter? Now, let’s forget about the man in your life (or the one you want) for now and think about what it is that you DO that makes your heart flutter. What gets you hyped? What can you talk about non-stop? Whatever it is…that is your passion. Part of living on purpose is making sure that our lives are filled not only with purpose but also with passion. How can you incorporate your passion into your life on a regular basis? Your purpose is often fueled by your passion and when connected with creativity and strategy, purpose and passion can also lead to prosperity. As you seek out and get to know your purpose and ignite your passions, you’ll open up many opportunities including potential financial opportunities to create the life you want.

I encourage you to begin living your life with  more intention, more focus, and more purpose and you’ll find yourself more satisfied and fulfilled. It’s in your hands and power to do. 

Are you a woman who wants more?

Talk to me! Please leave your comments below and let me know what you’re thinking.

One Response to Are you Living on Purpose?

  1. Hi Cheryl I must say that I love the gift that God put in you such revelation on truth relationship and being empowered as a women and that is God's women. I find your work interesting and anointed. You speak my language as part of Success Master I have encountered some of the things you write in your blogs and wow! you have help me so much. I thought it was just me mind tripping about the people in my life. I realize lately I have been holding on friendships because I don't want my friends to think I have changed so I am trying to take them with me but I realize from your article and eBooks it is OK, people are in your life for a season. I need to stay focus on my purpose and what God has set before me. My work is similar to your but you have a way you bring out you points that I love! Thank you for allowing God to make you a voice in the wilderness. I hope one day I can do life with you Angela Ewharekuko.