(dup) A’Sista Project

A'Sista ManifestoFor women who want more…status NOT quo!

Empowering Women to Excel with Global Influence!

The A’Sista Project is a women’s empowerment movement that increases the spiritual, social, and economic strength of women by helping to build confidence in the power she has within to fulfill her potential and reach ultimate success. We do this by engaging, inspiring and motivating women through seminars, workshops, mentoring, personal coaching, online personal coaching, and group coaching.

A’Sista Defined!
A’ = A’uthentic (unique)
A’ = A’udacious (uninhibited)
A’ = A’uspicious (successful).

Sista = the urban flair meaning “sister”, close friend, or a woman who carries herself in high respect. We are sisters; regardless of race, socioeconomic status, background, denomination, etc. We share similar needs, desires, and challenges.

A’Sista Confession
We are A’uthentic, A’udacious, A’uspicious Sisters! Authentic women who have the audacity of faith to believe, uninhibited by our challenges, that we can be who God says that we are and do what He says we can do; and therefore manifest success in every area of our lives.