5 Steps from Setback to Comeback

blog_comebackWe all have them. Setbacks. It’s part of life. However, just because you’ve had a setback does not mean that you stay back. This is especially important as an entrepreneur. Understand that your emotional and mental wellbeing directly impacts your business. Business isn’t just about business as some would like to believe.

Your mindset and your emotional stability play a major role in how effective you are in growing and maintaining your business. They affect your energy. Not just physical energy but also the energy you give off when dealing with clients. If you’re producing a negative energy, it shows. And it will show up in your lack of clients and in turn a lack in your bank account!

While you’re dealing with life’s circumstances and sometimes harsh realities, here are the five things to work on when you’re feeling stuck in a setback:

  1. Remind yourself of your why? Why did you start your own business? Are you building a legacy for your children? Do you want financial and total life freedom? What is your why? Bring your why to the forefront of your thoughts when you’re struggling will help get you moving in the right direction.
  2. Be grateful. Take the focus off of whatever the issues are that put you in this funk, and INTENTIONALLY turn your  focus toward what you have and for what is going right! I capitalized intentionally because, you won’t feel like doing this at the moment. But force it anyway. Here’s why. Whatever you focus on, you make appear bigger in your life than what it really is. So focus on the good stuff. Are you healthy? Are your children healthy? Do have a roof over your head? Food in the fridge? Whatever it is, find the good things and focus on them. Be grateful. Write a new list EVERY MORNING before you do anything else! Focus on those things intentionally!
  3. Don’t wallow. Yes, we all have setbacks but you don’t have to stay in it for a long time. Get in and get out. When talking one of my clients through a time of set back, I used one of her biggest phobia type issues to make my point. She’s a germophobe with a fear or STRONG dislike of public bathrooms. She will not drink or will “hold it” as long as possible to avoid having to use a public facility. I witnessed one time when she HAD TO GO and I laughed as she literally ran out of there as if being chased by something. So, to get my point across about not wallowing, I told her that whenever she feels the urge to wallow in an emotional place, that she should imagine being in a public bathroom rolling around on the floor! How’s that to get you not to wallow? Here’s the thing…whatever is upsetting you is toxic, dirty and infested with bad life and business germs. You would not wallow in that physically, so why wallow there emotionally? What fear, phobia, or strong dislike can you use to help you not wallow?
  4. Check your connections. When you’re in a difficult place emotionally or mentally, be sure to stay away from people who themselves are struggling with depressive and oppressive spirits. Neither of you have anything to offer the other at that time. Sometimes the most comfortable place to be when you’re experiencing a setback is to totally retreat or alternatively to talk to friends who will sympathize with you and make you feel entitled to wallow in your funk. That is not helping you. Stay away from those type of “friends”. Instead reach out and connect with someone who will empower you to move forward in spite of your situation. This person will make you uncomfortable because they won’t join in your pity party and that’s exactly what you need at that time.
  5. Be prepared. Expect setbacks and have a predetermined way out so that you don’t get stuck. Because you know things happen, you have to be prepared in advance. Get to place emotionally and mentally so that you’re fully able to handle the hard times without a negative impact on your business. I use my Mirror Talk Program. It’s a 3-step system to turn off that broken record of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotage that’s keeping you from having the business and life success you desire. When you do this as part of your daily life, you’re better able to handle life’s difficult situations.

So, just because you’ve experienced a setback doesn’t mean that you can’t have a comeback! You can do it! You’re life, your business, your dreams, the people you are here to help are waiting on you to COME BACK!

One Response to 5 Steps from Setback to Comeback

  1. Cheryl, Thank you for this post. It was inspiring, energizing and right on time. You are so correct remembering “my why” and “INTENTIONALLY being grateful” has given me that spiritual push to continue working towards my business goals even when things don’t always work out as planned. Blessings.