5 Simple Ways to Put the Spotlight on Your Brand

spotlightyourbrandThe savvy business owner understands that you can’t wait for business to just come to you; you have to go get it! You have to draw attention to yourself and reach your target market. That means finding strategies to build awareness of your brand and what you have to offer. There are lots of ways to get out there and be seen but here are 5 simple steps you can take that have minimal costs but potentially provide a big impact.

Find a Promotion Partner

Do you know companies or organizations that share your target market but are not in direct competition? Look for companies that are trying to reach the same groups of people with a product or service that complements yours. This is a great potential cross-promotional opportunity. Instead of viewing them as competition, you may find value in supporting one another’s successes through events, ads, etc. Reach out to a few companies with an offer to collaborate on a joint venture. Many companies would welcome the opportunity to reach new prospects. Just make sure your offer is a win win for you and them.

Attract Media Attention

While there’s no guarantee, pitching the media about what you have to offer is an opportunity to bring exposure to your business that will cost you very little. If you can think of a way that your business, project, or product relates to a current news story, that is a great way to tie in your pitch. Start by identifying local media outlets that service your target market. Pay attention to what they typically cover and then reach out and connect with the reporters or producers who have the greatest interest in your topic. Develop a short pitch and be sure that the content shows a benefit to the audience more than it benefits you.

Compete for Exposure

Nearly every industry offers some type of contest. Competitions offer lots of exposure, not counting the prizes if you win. Begin your search online to identify contests based on your business, location, age or gender. Keep an eye out in your favorite magazine for contest promotions as well. Even if it’s something you don’t think you can win, enter it anyway. Simply participating can get you priceless exposure which could lead to more business for you.

Make Speaker Connections

You may not consider yourself an “official speaker” but when you speak to a group of people who are truly interested in your expertise, you have an opportunity to attract referrals, sales and partnerships. A few things you can do to find speaking opportunities: check to see where others in your field are speaking and reach out to the event host, search online for associations and private conferences in your field; and then contact them to inquire about their speaker selection process. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce. Find local meet up groups. Do a social media search for a “call for speakers”.

Get on the Phone – Tele-Class

This is also a form of speaking but it’s on the phone with a conference line. You can offer advice on a specific topic related to your business to showcase your style and expertise. Use social media to promote the class. There are even free conference lines such as freeconferencing.com to get started and host the teleclass. Your potential clients will hear your valuable tips and tricks and will ask for ways to get more. Be prepared to tell them how they can continue to work with you or purchase your product.

The key is don’t get stuck in a rut in business by sitting around and expecting business to find you, go get it. Yes, there are ways to attract clients and business to you but you cannot run your business and profit solely on those avenues. Get busy making a splash for your brand and get your business in the spotlight.


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