5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Business Empowering Women

blog_womensempowermentI absolutely LOVE helping women get clarity about how to use their talent, experience, stories and expertise to create a profitable business.


Wherever your passion is in empowering women; life, business, health, relationships, money, or career, etc., don’t give up on your dream. 

But here’s the thing.

I’ve noticed a common thread of mistakes that passionate & visionary women are making that are causing them not to make the money they desire in their business to empower women.

I know you’re passionate about helping women, but you have to be very clear that although this may be your call and purpose…it’s still a business. And to have a successful business, you must have an offer, program or product that solves a specific problem that people are willing to pay for. What is the solution you bring to the table?

You have two main areas of focus as an empowering woman entrepreneur:

  1. To help transform the lives of women;
  2. Make money for your business so you can have the freedom to help as many people you want and create the life you want.

But here’s what typically happens when first starting out with a passion to empower women…we host an event like a workshop, conference or seminar. The result is we may or may not have had a good turn out but what happens for sure is that, you haven’t provided a true transformation experience from just a few hours and you most likely did not make any money after all of the expenses.

There’s a better way.

Whether doing workshops or seminars or speaking engagements, you won’t be able to make a long-lasting impact or transformation without providing a way for women to continue working with you. And you wont’ bring in the income in your business, especially if you want the freedom to do this full-time, unless you have a high value solution to sell.

That’s where your signature offering comes in. But for your offering to be impactful and transformative, you have to be very clear on the woman that you’re most called to serve and a message that resonates with her.

Always remember…


How do you know if clarity is your issue?

  • You’re still learning and not earning. Downloading ebooks, webinars, free reports and all that stuff and NEVER implementing any of it.
  • You’re on social media everyday posting inspirational messages and even if you do make an offer, nobody takes you up on it.
  • When it’s time to write a marketing message for your business, you’re at a loss for words or you’re copying somebody else’s words
  • The people who do contact you are not a good fit or don’t want to pay you.
  • You’re not getting any or enough of the right clients, and so not making money.

If you’ve done the website, the logo and you’re trying to get clients and it’s not working, clarity is what you need.

To make the money you desire in your business empowering women, you have to avoid these mistakes which come from a lack of clarity:

  1. Not knowing what problem you solve?
    People don’t pay to be empowered, for coaching or consulting or whatever…they pay for an answer to a problem. You have to be very specific about what exactly it is that you do to empower women. Empowering women is such a broad term. Get clear on exactly what it is you do to help women transform their lives. How are they different after working with you?
  2. Not being specific about who you solve it for?
    You have to identify her before you can find her, or better yet…for her to find you. You cannot help ALL women. Choose the woman who you can BEST serve with the problem you solve and connect with her. Anytime you try to reach and connect with all women, you will fall short. Different women have different needs and different problems they want answers to at different times in their lives. Choose where you best fit.
  3. Talking about your coaching or consulting services or whatever it is you do before clearly expressing your value
    The truth is nobody really cares until you show that you care. She needs to know what’s in it for her. Always come from a place of your ideal dream woman client. What is the value that you provide for her. Most people aren’t interested in coaching or consulting per se. That’s simply the way you’re going to help her. What she wants to know is what are the results/value you’re bringing to the table.
  4. Not having a compelling marketing message that stands out
    If you’re saying what everyone else is saying because you don’t know what to say…you’re blending in and not getting the visibility you need to really make an impact. Until you get clear and fix steps 1-3, you’ll struggle with this step. 
  5. Not having a customized offer that addresses all of the above.
    You know that problem you solve? It should be her most pressing problem and your offer should share how you’re going to solve it for her step by step. What is YOUR signature process that you use to help her get the transformative results you provide?

Once you get the clarity you need to fix these five things, you’ll have a much bigger impact AND drastically increase your business income. Some of my coaching clients have achieved excellent results like:

  • Tripling their income within a year
  • Creating a unique custom brand that led to five new streams of income
  • Getting a $2,000 high-end client in 7 days.

Know that you don’t have to be stuck not knowing how you’re going to make enough money in your business to create the freedom that you want, leave your 9-5, or whatever your dream is.

It’s okay to get the help you need so that you can fully serve the women that you’re called to serve. If you stay stuck, who is going to help them?

If you’ve been struggling to get your business or empowering women movement off the ground and want help getting clarity and how to make it successful and profitable, start with my FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP.

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