3 Simple Steps to Becoming Your Authentic Self

We all try to measure up to other people’s expectations for us. Our parents, our family, our teachers, our friends,etc. They all try to mold us into their own image of us and unfortunately many times we just go along with it and then what happens? You lose the REAL YOU and begin living behind a mask! Fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of being the outsider, fear of being different – all play a roll in keeping most of us living behind a mask.

Isn’t it time that you stop living for everyone else and live and become the real you!? The authentic you? 

Here are three simple steps to becoming your authentic self:

1. Stop apologizing for who you are and just own it!

Face it, you are not perfect and nobody is for that matter. And, that is perfectly fine, so stop being so harsh on yourself. Even if it looks to you like others are perfect, believe me THEY ARE NOT! Figure out who YOU are and when you do, accept yourself unconditionally. Do not waste precious time or brain space comparing yourself to others or worrying yourself about what other people think. It truly does not matter unless you want it to. And, why would you want it to? You get to decide!

2. Invest in YOU

Take time to learn and to grow, take time to nurture your dreams and goals, take action and commit to making them happen. Whatever you focus on expands. When you focus on your dreams and goals, you will have little or no time at all to waste on stuff that may typically bother you, and all of your focus, energy and attention will be directed towards increasing and being able to do more, have more, and be more. Not only that but you’ll actually begin to start knowing who you are, what you are, what you like and what you don’t like. Take that and start living life on your terms. When you do this you will be on the road to living a happy and fulfilling life and then you’ll notice the people around you will admire and respect you and also feel inspired and empowered by your change. But, even if THEY don’t YOU definitely will.

3. Make a List

  • Put yourself on the list. Start today by making a list about YOU!
  • What do you love about yourself? 
  • What do you enjoy doing with just you?
  • What brings you passion and joy? 

Now make a decision to BE all of that person you just wrote about. It is the authentic YOU! Amazing things will happen when you do. The people you were TRYING to please but they couldn’t appreciate you will disappear. In their place will come people who will support you and love YOU for YOU! 

Be yourself – your true self – at work, at play, any and everywhere else. Some people will love you; others, not so much. But if it’s going to be that way anyway, and it will, what do you have to lose? Just be YOU! Unapologetically YOU!

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