3 Keys to Always Getting What You Want

Get what you want in life and businessWhat would happen if you went into a restaurant for dinner and the waiter comes to you and asks if you are ready to place your order, and your response is, “I’d like to order dinner.” What do you think his next question would be? YES! WHAT on the menu do you want for dinner? It’s the same in life. You have to KNOW WHAT you want. It’s not enough to say, I want to be successful. Be successful at what? Doing what?

What if you insisted that the waiter in that restaurant just bring you whatever he felt like bringing off of the menu and what he brings you’re actually allergic to? If you’re just saying I want to be successful and not defining what that is…well you can be successful at lots of things. You can be successfully broke! You can be successfully sick! You can be successfully confused about life! All of those things are successes because they are results. But are those the results you want? If those aren’t the things you want, it’s time to define what exactly it is that you DO WANT.

DEFINE what you want.

Take some time to yourself and really think about what you really want out of your life, out of your business, or out of your relationships. Think about not only WHAT you want but WHY do you want it. How will it change your life? Be very specific and write it out in detail.

Now be sure that you’re defining what YOU want. What’s in YOUR heart, not what you think someone else desires for you. This is a time to be all about YOU! What is it that YOU want.

So many times we as women make our decisions around pleasing others or what will make others happy. What about YOU!

The second greatest commandment (after loving God) is to love your neighbor as you love YOURSELF. You’re not really loving on anybody if you haven’t taken the time to love on yourself!

What do YOU want?

TALK as though you already have what you want

Once you define what success is to you, begin acting like you already have what you want. How do you do that? Well, what would your conversation be like if you’d already reached your success goal?

Let’s use finances and wealth as an example. You want to have more than enough income to take care of your needs AND your wants. If you’d already reach this goal, would you be complaining about being broke? Would you be talking about what you can’t afford? Would you be always looking for the cheapest deal? NO, most likely not.

So, then, because you’re going to think and talk like you’re where you want to be now, do not let those things enter your conversation with others or with yourself.

Your words are a power source and once you decide what it is that you want, be sure to choose your words carefully.

“Wise words satisfy like a good meal; the right words bring satisfaction.” Proverbs 18:20

ACT as though you already have what you want

Start taking small steps towards acting and feeling like you’ve reach your goals, like they’re a done deal. What this will do is build your confidence and keep you motivated for the journey. When you can virtually see it, feel it, and taste it, you’ll go hard for the success you want because it is already REAL TO YOU.

Your actions must be in alignment with what you say you believe and want if it’s ever going to happen. Believe you already have it and it’s just a matter of working toward accessing it.

Do you need to change your environment? Do you need to change your circle of influencers in your life? What is something that you can do now to move you closer to what you’d actually be doing when what you really want manifests?

One of my desires is to travel and speak to women around the world. For me my journey towards this goal started a few years ago with traveling. I went from never traveling, unless it was a family vacation once a year, to traveling 4-6 times a year over the last couple of years mostly by myself which is something I thought at one time I could never do. Now, my traveling was not the speaking engagements YET but the idea was to start doing something toward what I wanted that I could actually do now instead of waiting. As a result, I’ve met lots of new people, networked, and increased my income because I decided to act like what I wanted.

It’s your turn. What do you want? What are you going to say about it? How are you going to make a move toward it with your actions?

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