3 Must Have Factors to be an Empowered Woman

Every woman wants to feel empowered. I don’t know of one who likes to feel weak or like she doesn’t matter in the world or in the lives of the people that matter to her. Unfortunately that’s the default place some women find themselves in.

She cares about and takes care of everyone else to the place that her own feelings and sometimes even health takes a back seat.

Ummmmmmm, it’s time for a SHIFT! And empowered SHIFT!

To make that happen, you’ll want to shift three areas: Your Perspective. Your Position. Your Power.

  1. PERSPECTIVE – Your view of the world plays a major part in how you show up in the world. What you think impacts how you move and flow in life. If you’re going to be empowered your perspective must be empowered.

    What does that mean?

    It means that you have to allow yourself to be healed from past hurts so that those hurts don’t impact your now. This is especially true as it relates to relationships.

    It’s only when you’ve gone through a healing process that you can have a different perspective about relationships.

    Do you know any women that say, ALL men are dogs or ALL men cheat? Or a person that says ALL this type person is this or that?

    That’s perspective. When a person thinks in those terms they’ve allowed their limited experience to form a perspective that insists every other person in that same arena to be the same.

    Until you change the way you think, you’ll never be empowered.

    What bad experiences have you allowed to contaminate your perspective?

  2. POSITION – Where are you? I don’t mean physically right now, but yes physically right now. Spiritually right now. Emotionally right now. Where are you?

    The second part of that question is, where are you in relation to where you want to be?

    Empowerment is about positioning. It’s about positioning yourself to get what you desire and what you deserve.

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s business, a relationship or life in general. If you can’t identify whether or not you’re positioned in the right place at the right time….then you’re not in an empowered position.

    To get to your empowered position, start with asking yourself some questions…

    Where do I want to be?

    What will it take for me to get there?

    How far away am I positioned from where I want to be?

    What are the steps to get to where I want to be?

    Now position yourself on whichever step you fall on right now and follow the path and expect detours.

    The detours will come but because you’ve outlined the path and positions, you know exactly where to get back on the right road to position you for success.

  3. POWER – Where is your place of power? What is it that you do that makes you feel most powerful…in a healthy way?

    So many times we operate and focus in a place of weakness. When doing that you’re opening the door for disappointment and depression.

    Yet, there is a place of power that you can embrace.

    What do you do best?

    Where are you most effective in life?

    Where do you absolutely RULE!!! Like I KNOW I got this kind of rule!!

    If someone approaches for this, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they WILL NOT walk away disappointed.

    This should be your focus.

    Stay in the place where you’re most powerful and figure out how you can incorporate that place of power in your life, business and relationships.

Get on point with these three areas and you’ll be in an empowered position. And in an empowered position, YOU ALWAYS WIN!

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