3 Clarity Shifts and How they Helped Me go to $5k to $10k months.

clarity_shiftsYou’re at a place where you know that you’re meant for so much more and that you’re supposed to be doing so much more. You’ve been trying and you are ready to go BIG in your business!

I get that. I had a passion and started my business but was feeling the same way. Stuck. Information overload. Overwhelmed. Frustrated.

The problem was I had no clue how to take what I was called to and had a passion for…empowering women, and actually make money from it. After all, I aced in Corporate America, I should be able to pull this off no problem.

I’d done the workshops and seminars…and they were successful, but I wasn’t really making money.

Website done. Logo done. Social media posts…and just crickets.

Yeah all looks well to everyone else, but feeling like a public success and a private failure.

But eventually I figured it out to the tune of $5k and then $10k months and helping hundreds of women.

What changed?


I SHIFTED from thinking that I was called to help ALL women. I’m not and neither are you.

I SHIFTED from feeling guilty about leaving people out, and focused on helping those whom I could make the most transformative and long-lasting impact.

I SHIFTED from that Corporate know it all attitude and accepted the fact that entrepreneurship is a different ball game and I needed help.

I SHIFTED from a poverty mindset of being afraid to invest in myself.

I SHIFTED from mental chaos and clutter and got super clear about who I serve, exactly what problem I solve and how I solve it.

I made the SHIFT and it SHIFTED my business income from almost nothing to $5k months to $10k months to freedom from the 9 to 5 rat race.

If you’re not there yet, it’s simply because you haven’t made those SHIFTS.

Here are 3 CLARITY & CLIENT ATTRACTION SHIFTS you MUST make to grow your business.

1. Get super clear on your ONE THING. What’s the one problem you solve that you will focus on becoming the master of. No more Jane of all trades, and master of none. Master and promote ONE THING and make your competitors a non-factor.

2. Get super clear about your audience of ONE CLIENT. This is a biggy. You have to know exactly who you serve. What does she want? What does she need? What are her struggles? Get personal with her.

3. Create ONE OFFER. Because you’re super clear on the problem you solve, the ideal client you serve, you can’t create that one irresistible offer that she can’t refuse.

You have to be so focused on your ONE, ONE, ONE that you’re marketing directly to the very ONE that’s looking for you.

The good news. It’s a big world out there…and there are tons of your ONE waiting on YOU to SHIFT.

You’ve done all of the free webinars, free ebooks, checklists, and free training…and you’re still not seeing results.

Now you need help getting clarity on all of that information and implementing.

If you’re ready and you want the help making the shift so you can get clarity and clients, just reach out and schedule time to talk with me and let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together.

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