10 Laws for Doing Life on Your Terms

happylife_asistaprojectIt’s never personal but some people take it that way. How dare you want to have a life that YOU love, even if it doesn’t please those around you? When did it become a necessity to live according to other people’s expectations before your own?

I don’t know about you, but I am no longer willing to live in the bondage of other people at the destruction of my own happiness. I look at it this way for MY life. I have to please God first, then ME! Everybody else can get in line and if it suits the purpose and vision for my life, then you’ll be included AFTER me. The Bible says to love your neighbor AS you love yourself! I’ve gotta love me first before I can really love you. So excuse me while I love on me some.

I know some might be uncomfortable with that concept but for those like me who already did their time in that prison of living for everybody else and are ready to break out, I ‘m sharing these 10 laws to help you get and stay free.

  1. Create a Recipe: You already have the right ingredients to create the life you really want. It’s up to you to create the recipe and pull it together. It’s time to take your life back and create it how you want it to be.
  2. Visualize Success: Visualizing what you want is a major part of the process to success. You have to know you true desires and then document the vision you see for your life. When you put a vision before your eyes daily, you’ll begin to produce what you see.
  3. Do things on Purpose: You have to be intentional about what you want in life. What are YOUR terms? What will make you fulfilled? Don’t be afraid to say no to those things that aren’t related to what you’re trying to achieve in your life. Life on your terms is a life that’s intentional because you understand that a successful life doesn’t just happen, it is planned.
  4. Demand results from yourself: You have what it takes to get what you want but you must put a demand on your potential. Having potential but not doing anything with it, causes that potential to be useless. You already know enough, you are already qualified enough, and yes you ARE enough! You just need to take the plunge and make some things happen by taking the first step.
  5. Trust the process: On your journey to a life that you love you WILL encounter some obstacles. That’s a given. But you have to keep pushing even through those times. Use this time as an opportunity to grow stronger spiritually, refocus your purpose and get clarity on your next steps.
  6. Get rid of dead weight: Wrong people, places and things at the wrong time in your life will cause a delay in getting to the life you really want. Be sure to set boundaries in your life so that you don’t allow others to come into your private space and wreck havoc over what you’re working so hard for. Your boundaries teach people how to treat you.
  7. No excuses: When you use excuses as to why you can’t accomplish something in your life, you are really just in your own way. Most of what you’re dealing with that is blocking your success and keeping your from getting what you want in life is YOU! Get out of your own way by getting rid of the excuses. Especially the one where you blame other people.
  8. Use what you have: Don’t stay stuck because you’re looking for something better without using what you already have to get better. Don’t give up on your dreams because you feel like you’ve given so much of yourself away to others that all you have left in crumbs. There’s still value in those crumbs. Use them!
  9. Don’t get wrapped up in other people for your success: I call this treating people like icing. Know that you are good enough and the relationships in your life are like icing on a cake. They are optional. Another person cannot be a main ingredient in your life because when a main ingredient is missing, the cake falls apart. You don’t have time to fall apart so just keep people where they belong – ICING!
  10. Create a brand: Yes you are a brand anyway because there is a perception that others have about you already. But you want to take ownership of who you are as a brand. What message are you sending? What do you want to be known for? Branding is not just for business. Branding is a necessity if you want to live your dream life. Create the brand called YOU and live and breathe it!

Every opportunity is before you to start creating the life you want. No better time exists than right now for you to work on making it happen. But here’s the thing. Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

What is YOUR first step to change and start living life on your terms?

The 10 laws I’ve shared with you are taken from my book – “Have Your Cake & Eat It To – The Savvy and Sassy Guide to Get What You Want in Life & Business”. To learn more about these strategies you can order your copy here @ http://bit.ly/1Bje6fL


2 Responses to 10 Laws for Doing Life on Your Terms

  1. Cheryl,
    Thank you for the post. The entire post was a blessing to read. However, several points served as confirmation for me to move forward. Visualize Success: I started creating vision boards last year. They have been helpful in prompting me to actually visualize the type of life I’d like to have; Do Things on Purpose: One of my goals this year 2015 is to focus and only do things that are tied into the vision I have for my life; Get rid of Dead Weight: Now this is a biggie. I started doing this last by removing myself from toxic people, situations and environment; Use What you Have: Everyone has something. Often we find ourselves trying to look outside ourselves when we already have all that we need to be successful within us. Again, thank you so much again for serving as a confirmation. I really enjoy your posts. They are so real, heartfelt and practical. It’s stuff we know but don’t do.